Watching TV series of films is one of the favorite pastimes of modern man. Millions of people love to run various films and watch them on their own or with their families. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to issue a paid subscription to various online services. But now you have an alternative. BeeTV is a great application that helps you watch your favorite movies and TV shows using your smartphone or tablet. The application is fully compatible with Android.

Latest version: 2.7.0
License: Free
Size: 16.25 Mb
OS: Android
Language: English
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2.5.3 .APK
2.5.2 .APK
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This application is great for those who want to watch a lot of interesting video content and save on various subscription systems. Our offer contains a lot of interesting content and great series. Here you will find many interesting and personal computers. This is a great option for those who want to enjoy content and get relevant search results as quickly as possible. We are constantly working on improving the application, so our latest current version contains all the necessary technical aspects to meet the demands of the average user.

BeeTV Top Rated

Main App Features

Our application compares favorably with other services by the absence of a subscription. We are constantly working on improving our software so that you can watch the best films and television series in high quality. We try to make the most simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to quickly find interesting content and not waste time. Our minimalistic interface has a convenient content search system.

We do not charge for watching videos or movies. Also, you do not need to subscribe or any other paid equivalent. We support many technologies including broadcasting to your TV. Integrated non-intrusive advertising that will allow us to develop the application in the future and not require money from you. We are also open to wishes and suggestions. You can send a request to add various video files and we will consider it as soon as possible.

BeeTV Airing Today

We often add content that interests you and create an excellent one in a library those even demanding users will like. You can count on regular updates to the system and the addition of new films. A simple and quick search allows you to find the movie you are interested in by cast or keywords. This is a great option for those who want to get the maximum effect from the search in our system.

Basic stuff configuration

We try to optimize applications for many users and devices. Nevertheless, we have a number of standard requirements. You will need Android 5.0 or higher and at least 100 GB of free hard disk space. Broadcasting movies in HD quality requires a wide ceiling Internet channel. You also need at least 1 GB of RAM and disabling blocking of unknown sources.

It will help you install the application on your smartphone without any problems. You can find the basic settings in the security tab and disable them automatically. After that, you can safely install our application to use all the available functions.

How to get it on your phone or tablet

Download the latest version from our website and go to the Downloads folder. There you will find the file you need to click to start the installation. Agree with all the nuances to download and install the application on your device.

BeeTV Action and Adventure

After agreeing with all the conditions, the download will start automatically. Wait about a minute until this process is complete. In most cases, the installation does not take more than a minute.

Click the Finish button after the installation is complete.

User Guide

BeeTV Comedy

Our application has a simple interface and convenient use procedure. Just click on the appropriate icon and launch the application. On the start screen, you will see many sections and the most popular videos.

You can search for the necessary content by keywords or other criteria available in the application. You can also enjoy the high-quality video without restrictions.

How to Fix basic Errors (FAQ)

Why installation does not work automatically?
You should deactivate the option to block unknown sources. This will help you install the application without any problems.

Why I cannot find the series I’m interested in.
Maybe your phone or tablet is not connected to the Internet connection. You should check your settings and try again. If access is still not activated, then you should wait a bit. Perhaps the servers are overloaded and cannot handle so many requests.

If the problem continues, then your provider may be blocking access to certain files or content. You need to install a VPN application to bypass possible locks.

Question 3.
I can’t find the movie I need in your library. You can always send a special request to our developers to add specific content to the application. We always listen to the wishes of users and try to add interesting films and TV shows almost instantly. That is why you should contact support and describe your wishes. We will try to implement them as soon as possible so that you can watch the movie or series you are interested in.

Usefull Info

BeeTV Settings

We add various features and new features as often as possible. You can send a personal request to add various applications and new features. Write to our technical support if you want more useful films and TV shows. We try to add new content as quickly as possible. Our policy is to provide free access to content. We believe that every user deserves to use different videos and series.